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Reverend Frank
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Also available for Christenings/Baptisms,
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Ceremony Types

Religious: Catholic/Christian, Jewish, Moslem, etc. or combination of denominations; characterized by religious elements, rituals and/or traditions from one or more denominations.

Non-Denominational: A non-denominational ceremony is Christian in nature without ties to any particular denomination.

Interfaith: Also known as a multi-faith or interdenominational is a combination or blend of religions ranging from only some religion to being entirely religious.

Spiritual: The word Spiritual means different things to different people. It is that divine feeling or essence underneath a religious element, ritual or tradition. Often it uses beautiful, inspiring words but is universal and stays away from any particular religious denomination.

Each of the above ceremonies can incorporate a sub-ceremony to symbolize your union. Click
HERE to see some examples of ceremonies that can be incorporated into any of the above ceremony types.

In addition to the above, I also offer a simple ceremony called a Civil Ceremony as described here.

Civil: No religion in the ceremony whatsoever, including no prayer. It is also known as a court Justice of the Peace ceremony. This type of ceremony can have as much meaningfulness, warmth and heart as any other type of ceremony. Non-religious or civil means no religion, but not "no love". A sample Civil Ceremony can be viewed HERE.
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